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"She was everything I believe a speaker should be: poised, engaging, articulate and intelligent. She was smart and funny while commanding respect and admiration; not just admiration for her, but also for her message. Wise consumers of professional services will benefit greatly from her and one day Raghad Ebied will be a name synonymous with eloquence. This testimonial is my proof that I recognized this great presenter in the days before she became a household name"

- Michelle Walrond, CEO of Academy ESL, Professional Speaker and Language Coach, Ottawa

"Raghad is a phenomenal coach. Her highly perceptive and motivational style allowed me to articulate my professional goals, and more importantly, how to reach for them through concrete, progressive steps. She also enabled me to identify and overcome the challenges I faced in my professional career, and I am certainly pleased with the results. I would recommend her as a coach for any individual seeking to aim higher!"

- Mariam, MBA, Strategy Consultant, Canada

"Raghad is a unique, exceptional speaker and absolutely real. She put her heart and soul into connecting with every participant which shows her keen interest in helping others. Raghad used an impressive combination of her real-life experience and her knowledge of the subject at hand to create a workshop that was engaging, fun, and informative."

- Muna, M.Eng, London

Raghad's cheery disposition, solutions-oriented thinking and enthusiasm to do a job well, make her a great partner for any initiative. She is a person who cares deeply for her clients and geniunely wants to help them achieve their desired results. She is an inspiring speaker. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a compassionate and caring coach.

-Zena, Business Consultant, YMCA

"With Raghad's coaching I was able to put many points of my life in perspective. Her coaching was able to reveal to me where I was creating mental blocks for myself, and that's where the coaching came in to uncover the blocks --- to make new positive thought patterns. I saw results within two sessions. I got real tips on how to better my life and change my way of thinking. Thank you, Raghad. Your coaching opened me up to a new level of my life."

- Brooke, Entrepeneur, Canada

Courage to Change
Born to Succeed
Power of Your Decisions - Part 1
Power of Your Decisions - Part 2
True Commitment to Our Relationships
Today's Challenges
Paradigms: How Do you Look at the World?
Why Change Our Habits?
Transform Your Trials into Triumphs

Destination Excellence is dedicated to delivering personal and professional development services with a focus on soft skills and diversity management. Our services aim to inspire, guide, and empower you, your group, your school, or your organization to accelerate your journey to success.
One on one coaching for women in the areas of relationships, career, business, leadership and personal development.

Seminars and webinars on personal empowerment and achievement, leadership, team building and work-life balance.

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